Welcome to Falling Creek Farms,

home of Eden Pure Beef.

Our Family has been in farming for more generations than I can trace, we have raised beef and we have had dairy farms.  We have always conserved land and we continue to do so today.


Our cattle eats only grass and hay raised on our farm. 

They are never fed grain - ever.

We do not use hormones, vaccines, antibiotics or any other chemicals in or on our cattle.

We use  zero herbicides or pesticides on the land.

But I did not always farm this way...

You can purchase Eden Pure Beef directly from the farm or pick it up during one of our regular drops to the  Athens  and  Atlanta areas.  

Read about life on the farm, upcoming events, and the musings of Farmer Emmet


Making delicious meals from grass-fed beef is not hard, but there are a few differences in preparation.  

Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." 
In today's society of highly processed foods and questionable industrial food practices, let us be a shining example of change and hearken back to a time when our food was honorable and safe.

Let your food be your medicine. 

Let your beef be Eden Pure.